How to create an automatic bibliography using Ms.Word 2007

One of the benefits of Ms.Word 2007 and the latest versions Ms.Word is providing convenience to our users to do the typing. For example in writing a book, thesis, journals or other scholarly writing that requires Bibliography .
The purpose of making this automatic bibliography is to accelerate the work and avoid false writing of the bibliography.

Usually, when we make a scientic product included many theories or articles sourced from a book, journal, website and others, then we re required to create a Bibliography to avoid a copyright infringement.

For example in the writing of a thesis. In Chapter II, each theory (definition) that we make must be included the source of a book, journal and others that we use as reference.

For example: Taking the definition of calculus from a book written by Budi Setiawan........hehehe :)

Author : Budi Setiawan
Title: Mathematics
Year : 2010
City : Denpasar
Publisher: Scholastic
So In Chapter II, It will be found "Calculus is the branch of mathematics (Setiawan, 2005) ".

(Setiawan, 2005) -> it is called Citation

By using Ms.Word 2007, we can create an automatical bibliography so easily :)

How to make a Citation:
  1. On the tab References in Ms.Word select Insert Citation                                                                
  2. Fill out the appropriate data as above                                                                       
  3. Click OK. Then you already have a directory of the Book.
  4. After you typed the definition of "calculus" then you only need to click  Insert Citation button and then choose the appropriate Citation                                                                                              
  5. So the result of  it follows: Calculus is the branch of mathematics (Setiawan, 2005)
How to make a References:
  1. In reference tab Select Bibliography                            
  2. Then you just select bibliography. Then it will be come all data books or journals that exist in the directory automatically ... so fast:). You can also choose the writing style of bibliography in the "style" button such as APA, Chicago, GB7714 and others. Suppose that,  in the style  APA, the results you get follows: 
  3. Next, you just need to replace the word "Bibliography" with the word "References", adjust the font type and font color.
  4. If you do editing on your directory, then you only need to choose the command "Update Citations and Bibliography" 

Hope so useful :)
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