How to speed up computer version1 (Error checking, Disk Defragment, and Disk Cleanup)

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In this discussion time I want to share some tips on how to speed up loading of your computer using any tools recomended by Microsoft they are Error Checking, Disk Defragment, and Disk Cleanup.
Here are some things that are highly recommended by Microsoft for all users of Windows operating systems.

There are three things that need to be done periodically to maintain your computer system. Well, if this is done routinely at least (1 month), then loading your computer will run in Optimal.

All you need to do to take care of your computer Drive include:
  • Error checking
  • Defragmentation
  • and disk cleanup

How to Do?

To perform the Error Checking and Defragmentation, what you need to do is click the Start button -> My Computer ->Right click on one drive (eg C) -> properties -> select the tab tools

Here's how it looks

To perform Disk Cleanup that needs to be done is:
Click the Start button ->All programs -> Accessories -> System tools -> Disk Cleanup

Here's how it looks

Error Checking
To perform error checking you can click Check Now button. The Error Checking is one of the Windows utility that allows you to make search errors on the drive of your computer, then return to normal (recovering).

You can choose whether you want to do error checking right now or you can choose to do error checking at the time of booting the computer later. If you want to do it now then the Check Now button and select Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors then the Start

Disk Defragment
The Disk Defragment is so useful to reorganize the directory on your computer drive. Why do we have to arrange it?
When you transfer files from a drive to another drive, then it could be said you make the computer directory in a mess. Consequently if it already in a mess, you will find a file it needs extra time to seek it.

All you have to do is doing defragmentation the drive on your computer. To defrag your computer drive, then you have to click the Defragment Now button and select the drive you want to defrag, then click the Defragment button

Disk Cleanup
Disk Cleanup allows you to delete temporary files on your computer that is old and never used for a long time. So it can be said to be secure file deletion.

To clear the temporary files on your computer,all you need to do is Selecting the drivefor example C and then OK. Then you just check the old files to delete, then OK.


Well if you do such treatments regularly. So on your computer system will be well maintained. So the computer will be faster loading. : D

Hope so useful:)

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  1. hey,

    nice article except i aint a fan of the in-built defragger. too slow and not enough options. I prefer a fully automatic one that runs under low free space.


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