RISHA adalah (Rumah Instan Sederhana Sehat)

Pengertian RISHA

RISHA (Rumah Instan Sederhana Sehat) adalah rumah terjangkau yang dibangun secara modular.

RISHA mampu menahan kekuatan gempa dan dapat dibongkar pasang.

Keunggulan RISHA

Keunggulan rumah ini adalah:
1. Cepat
2. Murah
3. Ramah lingkungan
4. Tahan gempa
5. Movable (knock down)
6. Ringan
7. Dapat dimodifikasi sebagai bangunan kantor, puskesmas, rumah sakit, sekolah, dan lainnya.

Cara membuat rumah instan

Berikut adalah video cara membuat rumah instan secara sederhana yang dilakukan di Provinsi Sibolga

Standar Biaya Masukan 2018 (SBM 2018)

VLOG di Wisata Kopi Luwak Khas di Bali

Halo masbro dan mbaksis.... 
Pasti kerja di dunia Pemerintahan ya? Hehehe... Sama donk...

Instansi mana masbro mbaksis?
Salam kenal ya... 

Kali ini mas Buset mau berbagi informasi terkait SBU buat masbro dan mbaksi.... Semoga bermanfaat ya...

Jangan lupa kasi komentar...

Standar Biaya Masukan 2018 adalah

Standar Biaya Masukan Tahun Anggaran 2018 adalah satuan biaya berupa harga satuan, tarif, dan indeks yang ditetapkan untuk menghasilkan biaya komponen keluaran dalam penyusunan rencana kerja dan anggaran kementerian negara/lembaga Tahun Anggaran 2018.

Standar Biaya Masukan Tahun Anggaran 20 18 berfungsi sebagai : 
a. batas tertinggi; atau 
b. estimasi.

Download Standar Biaya Masukan 2018 (SBM 2018)

Silahkan download SBM 2018 sesuai dengan kebutuhan. Untuk kebutuhan perjalanan dinas, silahkan download resume SBM 2018 dalam format Excel di bawah.

Download SBM 2018: PMK Nomor 49/PMK.02/2017

Download Peraturan Resmi Disini: download

Download Resume Peraturan untuk kemudahan pembuatan RAB:

Download Resume SBM 2018 Disini: download

Cara Membuat Minyak Rambut Pomade Warna Hijau Alami

Hai masbro dan mbaksis...
Apa kabar semua? Semoga sehat selalu ya. Amin.

Oke...kali ini mas Buset mau bagi bagi tutorial nih supaya masbro dan mbaksis bisa membuat pomade untuk rambut sendiri.

Kalo bisa buat pomade sendiri.. lumayan loh harganya jauh lebih murah. Dan bisa dikemas bagus... Trus bisa jadi bisnis deh.. Hehehe...

Nah supaya lebih mudah...

Yuk lihat video tutorial yang sudah mas Buset buat untuk kalian...

Cara Membuat Pomade Alami Sederhana Sendiri

Pembuatan Pomade secara alami untuk rambut sangat mudah. Untuk membuatnya dibutuhkan hanya beberapa bahan dasar dan bahan tambahan.

Bahan dasar pembuatan pomade yang akan kita pakai adalah lilin lebah dan minyak kelapa murni (VCO). Sebenarnya, hanya dengan bahan dasar kita bisa membuat pomade, namun untuk dapat memberikan warna lebih banyak dan aroma segar serta khasiat kepada rambut agar lebih subur, maka kita membutuhkan beberapa bahan tambahan.

Bahan tambahan yang bisa kita gunakan untuk membuat pomade alami adalah:

1. Minyak almond
2. Minyak urang aring
3. Minyak zaitun
4. Vaseline (White Petroleum)
5. Minyak pohon jarak
6. Minyak alpukan
7. Lanolin
8. Minyak esensial

Alat yang dibutuhkan untuk membuat pomade adalah:

1. Kompor
2. wajan
3. Panci

Yups ...
Kali ini kita akan menggunakan bahan tambahan minyak urang aring. Konsep dasar cara pembuatan pomade begitu sederhana. Yang harus kita lakukan hanyalah mencairkan semua bahan dan mencampurkannya menjadi satu, lalu mendinginkannya.

Oleh karena lilin lebah merupakan zat padat, maka pada dasarnya pembuatan pomade adalah mencairkan lilin lebah dan kemudian mencampurnya dengan VCO dan bahan tambahan pembuatan pomade lainnya. Yups... Hanya itu saja inti dari pembuatan pomade... Mudah bukan?
Mudah tapi mahal loh kalo kamu beli pomade di pasaran.... Hmmmm... benar benar untung besar tuh penjual pomade.... Hehehehee 😁

Oke masbro dan mbak sis...
Sampai ketemu lagi ya... Jangan lupa mampir ke Youtube Channel mas Buset ya...

How to Increase adsense youtube earnings

Google adsense is one way to get money on the internet through how to publish an ads from users of adwords services on google.
With the adsense feature, many bloggers and youtubers have asked how to improve earnings on adsense.
It is a normal thing and an interesting discussion in cyberspace.

There is a lot of discussion about this topic on the internet, one of them is in Google Community. In Google Community, you can find a lot of people asking about how to improve adsense payment, so you can also find many solutions offered by the answering questions.
However, it is not absolute because Google actually keeps a secret of how they pay publishers in a mysterious way.

Now let me give you some idea of ​​my adsense experience.
I have an adsense account through youtube channel, so I can see how the development of daily payment of youtube content that I have.
Initially I was happy because I finally received a notice from Google that my Youtube account can be monetized,
The first payment I get is $ 0.04 from 51 page views, 9 Impression, and 2 Clicks. Although a little bit, however, I am quite happy to remember this is the first time I get paid dollars.
Over time, I decided to multiply the number of videos with very significant to get more dollars. Finally I made a lot of videos and got more views. With so many videos, I hope the dollars I earn will increase as well.
Finally I monetized all the videos on my channel. All video from which I made seriously until the not seriously are set in monetize mode. But apparently with the increasing view of the video video, my adsense payment actually reduced. Finally I look at the increasingly smaller RPM.

This condition is really mysterious, why my RPM is smaller? Finally I read many related articles and related topics. Which I can conclude that it turns out that the affect of the number of our adsense earnings are in 3 main things.
  1. Amount of money that the advertiser willing to pay on an ads.
  2. Demographics of our content viewer.
  3. Source of our traffic viewer.

Yaps ... Now I will discuss special number 3, the source of traffic.

Let's just say you are a boss in a company. Of course there is a reason why you pay your employees. You will pay your employees only if he deserves to be paid. You pay your employees because they do not cheat isn't it?
Similarly to Google Adsense, Google will take into account whether the video given the content of the ads is a decent video or origin. In addition, Google is also very careful about fraudulent advertising ads. Google will be well aware that advertised advertisements from advertisers will not be displayed or clicked on their own or by fraudulent means. So google will give more appreciation to the content that accessed by the viewer that he got from search engines. 

Yaps ... Search engines are not direct access to content locations.
Of all that, then things I can suggest to you as a publisher of both blog and youtube are:
  1. Unplug the ads mode on your video or content of the unserious.
  2. Pay attention to the analytic results on each of your content. Look for content with the most viewers with a note that the viewer is obtained organically from search engines.
  3. Place your ad in only some content, not all content. For Youtuber then do not put ads in all videos, but only videos that are made seriously, have a high viewer obtained by "organic" via seach engine not from the publication of manual links such as through social media or suggestion (youtube).

Thus, the selection of keywords for your content will determine the amount of your income.
Please try keyword planner by Google on adwords  or another relevant tools. Look for keywords that have high view, high CPC, and low competition.
Look for popular keywords based on the location of countries with high CPC countries such as America and United Kingdom.
Hopefully with this keywords you will get a lot of organic viewer that is through search engine. So Google will pay a high price even with just a few posts, less content, fewer videos, and less page views.
That is all that I can say. Thanks for reading, do not forget to include the results of your experience using the way in this post in the comments section.

And the bonus, I'll give you a tutorial to make a natural hair pomade using any simple ingredients. Check it out.

How to Make Natural Pomade for Hair

Making Pomade naturally for hair is very easy. To make it we need only a few basic materials and additional materials.

The basic ingredients of making pomade that we will use are beeswax and pure coconut oil (VCO). In fact, only with the basic ingredients we can make pomade, but to give more color and fresh aroma, then we need a or some additional material. 

Additional ingredients that we can use to make natural pomade are: 

1. Almond oil 
2. False daisy oil 
3. Olive oil 
4. Vaseline (White Petroleum) 
5. Ricinus Communis Seed Oil
6. Avocado Oil 
7. Lanolin 
8. Essential oil 

The tools needed to make a pomade are:

1. Stove 
2. Wok 
3. Pan

Yups ... 
This time we will use additional material of False Daisy Oil. The way to make it so simple, All we have to do is just to melt all the ingredients and mix them and then cool them down. 
Since the beeswax is solid then basically the pomade manufacture is melting the beeswax and then mixing it with the VCO and the addition. 

For more complete, lets watch the video how to make natural pomade below:

How to make water based pomade From long and wavy to short and layered, I absolutely love to try new things. Currently I’m sporting a long pixie cut, which means I have to use a texturing product or I’ll end up looking like my toddler. I went to the store to pick out some products and I was shocked. Parabens, formaldehyde, fragrance, and many other undesirable ingredients were in every product that I wanted to buy. This is particularly scary because my son loves to put his hands (and mouth!) in my hair. I would never want to risk his safety or health just because I want to look stylish. So instead of purchasing those products, I decided to go home and find a natural solution. I knew that I would need a non-greasy, firm hold pomade that could help keep some volume in my hair all day. Plus, I wanted something that was non-toxic and easy to wash out. Homemade Pomade Ingredients After doing the research, I narrowed down my list to just four ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, bentonite clay, and sandalwood essential oil. Each ingredient serves a specific purpose which I’ve broken down below: Beeswax helps make this pomade less greasy and gives it a nice firm hold. If you find that you need more hold, simply add one more tablespoon of beeswax to the mixture. If you need less hold remove one half tablespoon from the recipe. Coconut oil not only conditions hair, but helps repair it. Plus it fights dandruff! One of my favorite things about coconut oil is that it will be soft and pliable in your hands, but will harden back up on your hair. Its melting point is 76°F. This helps to cut down on the greasy feeling, but will leave your hair shiny and soft. Bentonite clay is a gritty powder made from naturally occurring volcanic ash. Many people use it in face masks and for other external beauty treatments. It is extremely important to make sure that you get a good quality bentonite clay (look for a gray/ashy color as opposed to white or chalky colors). In this recipe, the bentonite clay helps to give the pomade a gritty, fun texture to play with. Sandalwood essential oil is my favorite essential oil for hair care. It helps to condition and repair hair without drying. Bonus: it smells amazing!

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